Electric Scooter For Kids

Electric Scooter For Kids

Electric scooters are in high demand among both children and adults, but there are factors to consider when buying one for a kid. Performance, design, and recommended age limitations should all be considered before your final selection. However, the joy of buying your child their first electric scooter can be a shared experience when gifting them the ultimate birthday present.

To get a better idea of what they like, try browsing through the various models and colours together. That way you can confirm you’re on the right track to finding one they’ll love and ride for years to come. Even with all the choices available, maybe the best children’s electric scooter is the one they’ve helped pick out themselves.


Usually, children start with a manually operated kickscooter before progressing to an electric powered model. You want your child to develop the motor skills needed to steer and push a scooter on their own before advancing to more sophisticated models. Since independence matters for kids, a junior-level, preschool, or smaller version, kick scooter is a good place to start.

Once they are ready for an electric model, scooter safety and performance continue to be the next factors to consider. The recommended minimum rider age for electric scooters is 8 and up.

Best Electric Scooter for Kids Ages 8-12

A top favourite electric scooter among the 8-12 year-old age range is the PowerCore E100 Electric Scooter Aluminum Deck, which comes in a variety of colours and can reach a maximum speed of 18 km/h. Kids can scooter around for up to 60 minutes without needing  to recharge the battery. The maintenance-free design (no alignment, no chain, no belt) and hand-operated brake and throttle makes this motorized scooter an easy choice for parents looking to purchase an electric scooter for this age of riders.

Another excellent, age-appropriate ride is the PowerCore E90 Electric Scooter it goes up to  16 km/h and holds a maximum weight limit of 54kg. It has the longest battery life yet of up to 80 minutes of joyous ride time. The same kid-sized deck and frame and kick start in-wheel motor makes it easy to handle and tons of fun to ride. Choose between several colors and wait for the excited look on your child’s face when they realize you’ve brought home the gift of their dreams.

A quick note: all Razor electric scooters must move at 4 km/h (3 mph) before the motor will engage. Certain conditions, such as inclines, tire inflation, rider weight, and battery charge level will affect your child’s ride. Like with most things, adults are recommended to supervise and guide allelements of a child’s riding experience.


Think about where your kid will ride their scooter the most. Will it be up and down the driveway, around a local park, or will it be used to ride around the neighbourhood? Some scooter models come with special wheels, ideal for specific terrain. It’s best to know if the model you pick can withstand the terrain of where it’ll be used. Choose a model built specifically to handle their riding style and preferences.

Product quality is also important in the decision-making process. All Razor scooters are built with beautiful design and superior technology to create a premium-quality product. Since 2000, we’ve helped pave the way for the staying power of scooters. Each Razor electric scooter comes with a 12 month limited warranty. Note however, the warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, wheel, or any damage, failure, or loss caused by improper assembly, maintenance, storage, or misuse.

Finally, parents are encouraged to take into consideration the level of ride your child is ready for. It’s all about safety and parents should consider what their kids can truly handle riding. If they’re unable to fit comfortably on the scooter, they shouldn’t attempt to ride it. It’s up to the parent to have the final word on what’s best for your child’s maturity level, skill, and coordination.


After choosing the best electric scooter for your child, help your kids to understand the rules of riding before they hop on board. All scooter models are assigned a weight capacity recommendation as well as an age recommendation. These should be followed to ensure the safety of your kid rider and everyone else around them. Adult supervision for children under 8 is recommended at all times.

Secondly, proper safety gear is essential. This includes an approved safety helmet with a chin strap securely buckled, as well as elbow and knee pads, if necessary.  It’s important to implement smart safety habits when your child first starts riding so they continue to follow these rules in the future.. Additionally, kids should always wear athletic shoes with tied laces and rubber soles and never get on the scooter barefoot or in sandals. Closed-toe shoes help them have more stability when riding or when they need to stop.

Another safety rule to follow is to start slow. Kids are kids and will want to push their limits. It is best for them to get a feel for the scooter first and gradually work up to the maximum speed. This is the same recommendation even for more experienced riders. It’s important to get comfortable with the feel of the scooter and always ride cautiously. Just like when riding a bike, all riders must take some time to learn how to properly balance and steer a scooter on their own and at their own pace.

One last thing: a bit of road etiquette goes a long way. There are plenty of distractions and unexpected obstructions that a child will come across while riding. Try to avoid busy riding areas to prevent risky situations as much as possible to alleviate stress for all. Here are a few extra dos and don’ts for keeping everyone safe on the road.

  • Do keep hold of the handlebars at all times.
  • Don’t ride the scooter in mud, ice, puddles, or water.
  • Do avoid sharp bumps, drainage grates, and sudden surface changes.
  • Don’t wear headphones or text when riding.

Yes, an electric scooter is a fun activity, but there are still safety rules that apply. The sooner they adapt to these, the better.


In addition to proper safety, regular scooter care keeps the good times rolling for longer. Before every use, check all covers and guards to make sure they’re in place and in good condition. Also, check for proper brake functioning and tire inflation to make sure there’s a sufficient tread.

If replacement parts are ever required, use the authorized parts and accessories in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. The barcode is easily found on the charging system, box, battery tray, and on the product stem. Charge the battery after every ride (charging responsibilities should be operated by adults only) to ensure the scooter is good to go.

In general, remind kids to stow their scooters upright after they’re done for the day. No flinging to the ground or leaving in the yard for someone to trip over. Find a spot where the scooter can be safely stored out of the way to reduce the risk of damage or accidents.


From the range of options, make a list of all the factors. What is the desired top speed? What colour should it be? What is the cost of the electric scooter you are looking to purchase? Everything that’s important to you and your child, mark it down. Check off which of these considerations match your selections. Narrow down your choices until you have two or three contenders left. From there, read reviews about the product and see what other riders love about it. It’ll help you get to a clear winner.

An electric scooter is perfect for a birthday gift, back to school surprise and  also for a Christmas present. By factoring in all the important details, you’ll be able to find a safe and fun electric scooter that your child will adore.