Best Hoverboard for Kids

Best Hoverboard for Kids

Remember the excitement you had as a kid getting your first bike? You rode around for hours, never wanting to go inside. Now that thrill also includes the futuristic feel you get from riding a hoverboard. For some kids, it may be their first experience with an electric two-wheel ride, especially if they’ve never gotten on an electric scooter before. While it won’t float in the air as movies would like us to believe, kids love the cool factor of hoverboards, and who can blame them?

Riding a hoverboard almost feels like they’re an extension of your feet where you can cruise around with ease. When deciding on the best hoverboard for kids, consider who you’re buying the product for specifically. Is it for a younger rider who has little experience on a hoverboard? Is it for a teen whose main desire is to go as fast as possible? Is it one that both kids and adults can enjoy? There are different features and capabilities that vary between models. To pick out the perfect one for the lucky kid in your life, take a look at all the options before making your final selection. Consider top speed, battery, weight capacity, distinctive features, LED lights, and hoverboard safety standards. Whatever you choose, though, know that any kid would be stoked to receive such an awesome gift!


Things get a little more interesting with the 2.0 version. Offering a maximum top speed of 11 km/h and a longer battery life of up to 30 minutes, the Hovertrax Brights has that extra boost an older child may prefer. It comes in two bold colours (green & pink) to choose from. It holds a max weight limit of 50kg, which means that while it may work as a gift for someone young, adults can take turns riding, too. Hovertrax Brights RRP is $299.99. If cost is a factor, other verified retailers may sell them for below the original RRP based on store sales or special price cuts. Just make sure to confirm where it’s being shipped from or sold by to ensure they’re authorized dealers.


Kids are in for an extra special treat with the Hovertrax Prizma Hoverboard. The colour options alone veer off the standard, solid colors of the other models and achieve a flashy, futuristic look. Plus, for children that are used to balancing and riding on wheels they will appreciate the faster speed of up to 14.5 km/h. With the anti-slip rubber platform and self-balancing technology, it instills a sense of security and comfort for all riders. Plus, as with the other Hovertrax models, there is a default learning mode, where kids can ease into higher speeds as they’re learning to operate the hoverboard. Riders can get up to 40 minutes battery life with continuous use, getting a smooth ride on a hefty set of rubber tires each and every time. With the Hovertrax Prizma, riders also get to cruise around the neighbourhood in total style. These hoverboards have modern LED headlights built right in. Since this model has a maximum weight capacity of 80kg, adults can even test this model out and take it for a spin themselves.  This model retails for $399.99.


In addition to max speed, weight limit, and skill level, the main thing you’ll want to consider is buying a quality product, one that offers a variety of safety features and will withstand the test of time. There are several things to consider before buying hoverboard for your child. You need a product that offers durable tyres and a quick battery charging time. These are the things that will keep your board running for years to come. Razor hoverboards are manufactured under the original patent and the unique technology and design features cannot be duplicated.

You can feel confident buying the Hovertrax Brights and Prizma versions because they all meet or exceed the highest electrical system safety standards. In fact, Razor was the first U.S. brand to receive the UL 2272 listing for safety. Finding the best hoverboard for kids is about what stands out in terms of fun, safety, and quality. Fortunately, these models are well-equipped for all.

A hoverboard is possibly one of the best gifts you can buy any thrill seeker, young or old. So, what is the best hoverboard that offers a learning mode, a top speed, and safety features? Once you prioritize what matters most in a product, it makes the decision even easier. Is it max speed you’re after? Color options? Price point? A shorter charging time? Hone in on the one that’s the best fit and be ready to bask in the glow of the lucky child on the receiving end.