E90 Battery (with fuse) (12V/7AH Single Connector)

Suitable for children aged 0 months to 0 months
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Replacement E90 battery (with fuse) for Versions 1 - 5 only

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Product Details

Replacement battery with fuse for the E90 (Versions 1 - 5)

Customers please take note of the compatible version number(s) of this battery before purchasing.

To determine whether this battery is compatible with (the version of) your Razor Electric Scooter, you will need to locate the barcode label located on your Razor Electric Scooter.

The Barcode label can be located on either the Handle Bar Stem, the Battery/Motor Cover (next to the charger port), or on the bottom or frame of the product. For all Pocket Mod Scooters, this label will be located on the inside the seat compartment.

The 7th and 8th digit of the barcode number is reflective of the version of your Razor Electric Scooter.  See example:

Suitable for person(s) below 0 kg

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Package Dimensions: 0cm x 0cm x 0cm (W x D x H)